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My Book

Well . . . not necessarily a whole book. 

A book to which I contributed a chapter, called My Money Journey has been published by Harriman House. It details the financial life story, of myself and 29 other individuals, in our own words. It's available on Amazon and Goodreads.

Reading the book reminded me of the movie Good Will Hunting. It's a great movie that contains richly drawn characters and well-written scenes they inhabit. Scenes like “Do you like apples?” and “Ya's suspect!” Though my favorite is the one where Will’s psychiatrist, played by Robin Williams (in an Academy Award-winning performance), explains to Will “I can’t learn anything from you that I can’t read in some fucking book unless you want to talk about you, who you are, and then I’m fascinated, I’m in.”

The idea of reading personal stories is what draws me to My Money Journey. I can read about the effects of rising interest rates, the shortcomings of dogecoin, and changes to the tax code in any fucking book, but when each of the contributors writes about how it affects them, then I’m fascinated, I’m in.

And for myself, much like for Will Hunting, it can be very cathartic.

A reader's personal feedback:

"I stayed up late and did something that I never usually do- Read the last chapter first. I love that you included your Mom in the writing. To be honest I think it was my very favorite of your writing thus far. Now I can start the book from the beginning and I will reread the last chapter. It's like seeing a movie twice - you always see things the second time that you missed before. I have truly loved following your writing journey."

- Joy


You can read a little more about the book here, as well as some very nice words from Barry Ritholtz, Burton G, Malkiel, and Morgan Housel.

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