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Personal Capital is an online financial advisor, combining robo-advisor algorithms with access to human financial advisors for a more personal experience. 

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Richard Disney Fine Art



I always start with casual graphite sketches on tracing paper, and once I am satisfied with the direction, I will transfer the sketch to paper, board, whatever seems to suit the subject…or not.  I then begin bringing the drawing to life with my beloved pens of choice—PrismaColor Premier, Copic Multi-liner, and/or Pigma Multi-liner. Then comes the water. And the color...a truly elusive and at times frustrating medium that truly has a mind of its own.


You can't always control the look of your environment, but you can control the way you see it. 

The Closer Collection by Sherry Mills was created to bring awareness to this choice and to offer that a simple shift in focus can be liberating. The collection offers an abstract look at the undiscovered beauty of our streets and sidewalks from scrawls on the walls to street lane stains. A bold display of color and form to prove that . . . The museum may be right where you are standing.